Shop, Spin & Win is Back

Shop, Spin & Win is bigger and better! Win 36 products + fuel… right at your finger tips.

Spend $10 or more at any participating Terrible’s in-store or at the pump

Make a qualifying purchase & automatically get a wheel spin conveniently to your phone

Activate the wheel in-app for a chance to win free fuel, products & Social Casino Cash


Shop, Spin & Win is a promotional Wheel Spin game that is activated when you make a qualifying purchase in-store of $10 or more. Spin the Wheel for a chance to win FREE fuel, products and Social Casino Cash!

Make a qualifying purchase of $10 or more at any participating Terrible’s in-store or at the pump and scan your Reward Code or enter your 10-digit loyalty ID on the pin pad. Once a Shop, Spin & Win Wheel has been earned, it will be in the Promotion Rewards tab in-app. Tap ‘Touch to Activate’ to begin the game. Good luck!

The Shop, Spin & Win game will appear under the Terribles+ Loyalty Program section inside the Promotion Rewards tab.

You can qualify and earn one (1) Wheel Spin game for each $10 or more transaction you complete in-store and you can spin to win 5 times per calendar day.

Spend $10 or more in-store and scan your app to qualify for a Shop, Spin & Win Wheel Spin. *Excludes: Lottery, Money Orders, and Car Wash purchases.

You will receive a Wheel Spin directly to your phone after a qualifying transaction has been completed. In some instances, you may need to close out of the app and refresh it for the promotional game to appear in the Promotion Rewards tab.

Each Wheel Spin may show a different array of products including but not limited to: Fuel, Water, Soda, Energy, Snacks, Candy and Social Casino Cash. If you have supplied your age and are over the age of 21, your Wheel Spins may also include age restricted products.

  • If the wheel lands on $10 C-Store Free Fuel Reward: the credit will appear in the Store Rewards tab with the expiration date to use it by.
  • If the wheel lands on an in-store product: the Product, a description and expiration date will appear in your Promotion Rewards tab and is immediately active to redeem. If you have won an age restricted product, you must be over 21 years of age to redeem. You will be required to show identification in-store to redeem the age restricted product.
  • If the wheel lands on Social Casino Cash: the Social Casino Cash will be added to the Social Casino Rewards tab for use in the Terrible’s Social Casino.

Congrats! Winnings will automatically be activated in the Promotion Rewards, Store Rewards or Social Casino Rewards tab after game play for immediate use.

When redeeming a product reward in-store, bring the product to the register, have your Reward Code ready to scan or enter your 10-digit phone number on the pin pad. Activated Rewards will be deducted from your transaction total.

Shop, Spin & Win Wheel Spins expire after 10 days. You can review all expired game play in the History tab.

Shucks! Unfortunately there are times when products are out of stock due to a variety of factors, such as supply chain or wholesale partner shortages. Thankfully, we have over 160 participating locations. Click here to find another store near you.

You cannot substitute winnings at the time. There is no cash value.

However, If you win a product that features the word “Family”, this means you can substitute it for an alternate product within the same Product Family. For example, if you won a Coca Cola 20oz Family Product, you could redeem your reward for a Diet Coke 20oz instead.

If you win Social Casino Cash, the denomination will be added to the Social Casino Rewards tab for use in the Terrible’s Social Casino. Social Casino Cash cannot be exchanged for real C-Store Cash.